[CHAOSS] cregit, what it does (applied to linux)

dmg dmg at uvic.ca
Wed Nov 21 00:30:21 UTC 2018

hi Georg,

Georg Link <glink at unomaha.edu> writes:

> Daniel,
> Thanks for sharing. Would you like to put a copy on our 
> community blog?

no. this document is going to be posted at the Blog of the Linux 
Foundation in few days.

Perhaps what we can do is create a blog entry (I can write it) 
that points to it
and indicates how it fits into  CHAOSS.

Which is: we are going to start creating some metrics (and their 
aggregations) from the data we create. We already have some: number of commits and number tokens inserted in the 
file, and how cregit views become infrastructure to show any metric directly mapped to the source 

For example, think of a cregit view where we overlay the gender of 
the developer responsible for a
token/line on top of the source code, so people can have both, a 
quick overview (with the source code
map) and a direct view: what tokens are modified by each gender. 


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