[CHAOSS] How decisions are made (was: Opening discussion on using Discourse Forum for CHAOSS)

dmg dmg at uvic.ca
Fri Nov 23 23:15:20 UTC 2018

hi Georg,

Georg Link <glink at unomaha.edu> writes:

>  Hi everyone,
> During today's call, we discussed more on the decision making 
> process
> within our CHAOSS community. On the call were: Dawn Foster, 
> Jesus
> Gonzales-Barahona, Matt Snell, Kevin Lumbard, Ben Lloyd-Pearson, 
> Ildiko
> Vancsa, and Georg Link
> One issue is that only a subset of us can join our weekly or 
> monthly calls.
> Decisions based only on those calls will always exclude 
> community members.
> However, we perceive the calls to be a valuable communication 
> channel for
> discussion and arriving at a better shared understanding.
> To resolve this tension, we propose to consider decisions within 
> be made based on consensus and that we declare our calls to not 
> be
> sufficient for arriving at consensus but a place for agreeing on 
> a proposal
> that is then moved to the mailing list for consensus.

1. can you give us a couple of examples where the current decision 
making process has been insufficient
   and why an improve process would help?

2. Are these problems a common occurrence?


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