[PATCH] net: Add etun driver

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Mon Apr 9 13:11:29 PDT 2007

Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> The core mechanism for network configuration does not support creating
> virtual devices in a extensible reusable way.
> In particular the tunnel types supported by iproute2 are hard coded
> into the user space tool and into the kernel interface.  The interface
> seems to be not the least bit extensible for creating new types of 
> non hardware backed network devices.

Yes, it sucks.

> So I don't see a readily usable mechanism for network configuration in
> netlink.

Thats why I suggested that we should create one, ideally before adding
more sysfs/proc/ioctl/... based interfaces, which we'll have a hard time
getting rid of again.

I could take care of this if you don't mind waiting until 2.6.23.

> The fact that netlink it uses unreliable packets and an
> asynchronous interface just adds to the difficulty in making use of
> it.

Its reliable on the userspace->kernel path as long as you don't use

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