[PATCH 0/25] Sysfs cleanups & tagged directory support

Tejun Heo teheo at suse.de
Wed Aug 8 09:03:20 PDT 2007


Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>> More specifically, d_off field.  It's a bit twisted.  For the last
>> entry, filp->f_pos gets written into the field and gets wrapped while
>> being copied out to userland or in glibc.
> That could do it, and glibc is crunching it.  Oh well, it is
> easy enough to avoid as long as our inode numbers are small which
> the idr allocator seems to ensure.

Yeah, now I think about it.  glibc throws out entries which don't fit in
the data structure specified by the called API, so it probably threw out
the last entry which has UINT_MAX in d_off which doesn't fit in the
readdir() return structure.  Using INT_MAX should be just fine as IDA
always allocates the first empty slot.  We can add paranoia check in ino
allocation path.


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