containers mini-summit?

Serge E. Hallyn serge at
Wed Aug 8 10:47:57 PDT 2007

I just sent the next (final) version of the containers development
roadmap.  Eric Biederman and Paul Menage will be at kernel summit
representing this work.

We had planned on having a containers mini-summit the day before the
kernel summit.  However interest in that appears as though it may be
too low to justify having a real mini-summit.

So we have a few options:

	1. we could have a mini-summit purely by phone.
	2. there is a possibility of using a part of a
	   conference room from LCE, if attendance will
	   be low.  However, having a phone line to include
	   those who cannot attend would be unlikely.
	3. if there is a large planned attendance, we could
	   continue to seek a separate venue for the

Who is interested in (a) attending the mini-summit in person, (b)
attending the mini-summit by phone, or (c) not interested?

For those interested in attending, what would you expect to happen at
the mini-summit?  a) discuss the roadmap to ensure everyone is
properly represented at the summit  b) go over pieces of functionality
from the roadmap and discuss implementation options, who is
interested in working on what, and possible timelines.  c) something


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