[Devel] containers mini-summit?

Balbir Singh balbir at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Aug 16 01:16:41 PDT 2007

Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
>> I will be there in person as well (in readonly^Wobserver mode I guess).
> Ok so far we have Pavel, Kir, Kirill, and hopefully Eric, Paul, and
> Cedric.  Balbir, did I hear a rumer that you might be able to go?
> That may be getting too large for a hotel room :)

Hi, Serge,

I am still catching up with email, yes, I am going to attend the kernel
and vm summit.

> Would one of you folks definately going be willing to pick up where I
> left off in trying to get time in a room at LCE?  Let me know and I'll
> send you the name of the person I'd contacted (once I find it again...)
> (Still that only really works if we can get someone to show up with an ip
> speakerphone so the rest of us can dial in.)
> thanks,
> -serge
	Warm Regards,
	Balbir Singh
	Linux Technology Center

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