containers - bug

Paul Menage menage at
Fri Aug 31 17:44:41 PDT 2007

On 8/31/07, Daniel Lezcano <dlezcano at> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I was playing with the container filesystem (very nice) and I fall
> inside a kbug.
> I did the following:
>         mkdir /dev/container
>         mount -t container -o cpuset cpuset /dev/container
>         cd /dev/container/
>         mkdir Charlie
>         cd Charlie
>         echo $$ > tasks

FYI, this bit didn't have any effect, since the cpuset has no
mems/cpus by default.

>       bash
>       cd ..
>       rmdir Charlie
>       exit
>       ls => bang !

The basic problem appears to be that the reference count on a
containerfs directory is one too low. The root cause is a change that
I made when adapting the cpuset filesystem to create the container
filesystem - in order to implement container_clone() I rearranged the
way that a dentry was passed down to the directory creation code, and
managed to lose a call to lookup_one_len() (since I was getting the
dentry directly from a container structure).

Normally this didn't seem to cause a problem, since dput() doesn't
appear to care if you dput() on something with a refcount of 0. (It
should probably BUG() in that case, I suspect).

But in your case, by making the dead directory some process' cwd, when
you tried to do an ls, the dget(current->fs->pwd) blew up since
current->fs->pwd had a d_count of 0.

I have a fix for this that I'm testing and should be able to send out soon.


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