[patch 2/2][NETNS][RFD] use dst_entries to retrieve the network namespace pointer

Daniel Lezcano dlezcano at fr.ibm.com
Wed Dec 12 01:03:17 PST 2007

Denis V. Lunev wrote:
> Daniel Lezcano wrote:
>> The objective we have is to remove the fl_net field from the struct flowi.
>> In the previous patch, we make the network namespace to go up to the dst_entry.
>> This patch makes an example in how we can use the dst_entry/rtable combined with
>> a container_of to retrieve the network namespace when we have the flowi parameter.
>> One restriction is we should pass always a flowi parameter coming from a struct
>> dst_entry.
> this is an obfuscation IMHO. You use rtable instead of flowi, so
> - rtable obtain flowi meaning and keeps original meaning
> - stack usage in increased

Yes, you are right. Using container_of is not a good idea finally.

> So, for the case, I think it is better to have an additional parameter
> on IP route output path. (There is a device on the input one).

I thought that at the beginning, but I was not inclined to change 
exported functions API, so I looked a way to avoid that but I failed 
miserably :)
Obviously, the ip route output path extra parameter is the cleanest way 
to introduce the network namespace pointer in the routing code. So why not ?

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