containers development plans

Erich Focht efocht at
Mon Jul 2 12:15:06 PDT 2007


On Monday 02 July 2007 18:55, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> A list of the people we are currently aware of who are showing interest
> in these features follows.  What I'd like to know is, from this list, do
> some people know what general or specific areas they plan to or want to
> work on over the next year?
> Stakeholders:
> 	Eric Biederman
> 	google
> 	ibm
> 	kerlabs
> 	openvz
> 	osdl (Masahiko Takahashi?)
> 	vserver
> Who is missing from the list?

you could add the XtreemOS project to the list. It's grid project and we
need to use containers for grid job isolation. We're currently using BLCR
for checkpointing, and also kerrighed, but aim at switching to containers
and will work on container checkpointing. XtreemOS is related to
kerlabs & kerrighed, but has broader interests in containers.

> What more needs to be added to this list?

By the way, there are potential synergies between container checkpointing
work and the need of the VM to have something like per cpuset of per
container swap (as explained in the VM BoFS at OLS, there are unnecessary
OOMs with a common swap).   


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