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Paul Jackson pj at
Mon Jul 9 08:23:20 PDT 2007

Serge wrote:
> So if any development is planned over the next year on top of
> Pauls Menage's containers and/or cpusets, we'd like that listed
> here as well.

Well, apparenntly you guys are planning some "container" stuff
that is on top of or relates to in some way unclear to me with
Menage's containers and/or cpusets.

I'll repeat my question a third time ... not knowing any clearer
way to state it than before, I'll just quote myself:

> So ... will you (those using the netns patches) be using Paul Menage's
> containers, or competing with them for the same ends, or what?
> To repeat my original question, what is the relation between the work
> described on this thread (which some OLS discussions have decided to
> base on the netns patches) and Paul Menage's containers and my (now the
> community's) cpusets.

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