[ckrm-tech] containers development plans

Kirill Korotaev dev at sw.ru
Mon Jul 9 08:32:58 PDT 2007

Paul Jackson wrote:
> Serge wrote:
>>So if any development is planned over the next year on top of
>>Pauls Menage's containers and/or cpusets, we'd like that listed
>>here as well.
> Well, apparenntly you guys are planning some "container" stuff
> that is on top of or relates to in some way unclear to me with
> Menage's containers and/or cpusets.
> I'll repeat my question a third time ... not knowing any clearer
> way to state it than before, I'll just quote myself:
>>So ... will you (those using the netns patches) be using Paul Menage's
>>containers, or competing with them for the same ends, or what?
>>To repeat my original question, what is the relation between the work
>>described on this thread (which some OLS discussions have decided to
>>base on the netns patches) and Paul Menage's containers and my (now the
>>community's) cpusets.


Paul Menage's containers is a good interfaces for gouping tasks
which is planned to be used for resource controls (including cpusets which actually
control cpu resources as well). So it is planned to be used for:
cpusets, RSS, fair CPU and other resource controls.

Network namespaces, ipc and other namespaces use unshare() mechanisms
and can have a simple view in containers fs.


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