[PATCH 2/16] Miscelaneous preparations for namespaces

Pavel Emelianov xemul at openvz.org
Mon Jul 9 23:42:09 PDT 2007

Cedric Le Goater wrote:
> Pavel Emelianov wrote:
>> The most importaint change is moving exit_task_namespaces()
>> inside exit_notify() to makes it possible to notify the
>> exiting task's parent. However this should be done before
>> release_task() to address the issue pointed by Sukadev with
>> NFS kernel thread.
> Have you actually checked that doing an unshare() with a NFS mount ?

Not unshare(), but clone(). I admit that I lost smth significant,
but everything was fine...

>> Other changes are small and do not deserve separate description.
> yes. if they were in a separate patch, you could push them to -mm.


> thanks,
> C.

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