[ckrm-tech] containers development plans

Paul Jackson pj at sgi.com
Tue Jul 10 01:30:37 PDT 2007

Paul M wrote:
> Sort of - but ...

Thanks for your reply.

I guess I'll just have to wander off, still a tad confused.

I suspect my instincts are running in a contrary direction to those,
including yourself, doing the work here.  My preference is to pick
a subset of the task before me that I can clearly "brand", with a
name and description that others can quickly understand.  Better
to clearly express 80% of the goal in a well branded product, than
to confuse the 'customers' (those you want to buy into to the proposal)
with a conceptually more elaborate, but less well defined, attempt to
cover all 100% of the goal.

Often times, the quickest way to convey a complex idea is to convey
an overly simplified approximation, and then allow the listener to
tell you why what you said is too simple minded.  This is because the
bandwidth within a brain vastly exceeds that between two brains.

But since I'm not volunteering to do the work, I should not waste
too much more time of those who are.

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