When we checked out, he had asked the desk clerk if he would call the state police again to make sure the route we had chosen was safe and they assured him it was completely clear of all snow.

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We passed the entrance to a boarded up mine with a sign that  gave a
brief history of the area, the fortunes found, then lost or gambled 
away, and finally we came to the graveyard.

I could not  even imagine what had made these brave pioneers leave their
homes in the East  to come to this God-forsaken place to seek their

He asks that you send a description of the work or pages from the book
so he will know how to form the cover art. We knew though that once we
reached San Pedro, we would have to find other  lodgings since there was
not a Holiday Inn even close to the port. I thought  what fun it would
be to wear one of these skirts, and to whirl around on the  dance floor
while it filled the room with the never-ending colors of the  rainbow!
Billy, always the optimist, and not wanting to have to  rework our
schedule, asked the desk clerk about the road to Salt Lake City and 
whether we would be able to get there from here. There were mostly 
young men buried in this deserted place, but a few women and more
children. Finally,  with our stalling son tucked into one of the big
beds, Billy left to get the  clothes out of the dryer while I changed
and nursed Margie again. Scantily clad  barefoot brown children, much
like the black children of the south, played in  the yards sending up
whirlpools of dust as they kicked balls back and forth. Mc Donald also
told Dad that he  could help arrange for support from international
organizations to raise fund  for possible surgery for the triplet if he
wanted it.
"Your arm would begin to ache", said one of the students.

So far, with just the one glitch in our schedule due to the  snow, our
trip had been a wonderful experience for all of us. "  "You might have
to go to the hospital", added another.
Well, maybe not better because the Indians were still very much on  my
mind, but I did feel refreshed and very hungry.

We could have become lost in time in  this solitary place. Had I known
what awaited us in California I would have appreciated it even  more.
Close  to noon, Billy found  another cleared area and we pulled over to
feed Margie and to eat our crackers  and drink our cokes. His large
hands were still rough and calloused from the repelling ropes, and  when
he took my own soft, small hands into his, they felt so strong and I
felt  so secure.

I always wanted to feel as loved as I had when we first started dating,
and  I did, although our passion had grown and matured into a less
selfish, more  understanding adoration.

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