My netns patches updated to Linus' latest

Denis V. Lunev den at
Thu Jul 19 06:25:39 PDT 2007

Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> My next project is most likely going to be to dig in and make the
> loopback device a normal network device (not statically allocated)
> as a cleanup in preparation for the network namespace work.

I can do this :)

As far as I understand the code, loopback device is used in two fashions:
- as a real network device
- and as a "stable" never freed piece of memory
I presume, they should be separated.

As for device itself, there is a some sort of a template in a Pavel's
virtual ethernet device driver...

> Feel free to pick the patches apart.   Especially in the core of the
> network stack.

I think that a small plan of submitting process is a good idea, at least
we will be able to coordinate the efforts and work in parallel.

> I'm hoping to start seriously submitting patches short after the merge
> window closes.  So we can get a long test/review cycle.


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