containers development plans (July 20 version)

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at
Fri Jul 20 18:00:45 PDT 2007

"Paul Menage" <menage at> writes:

> On 7/20/07, Serge E. Hallyn <serge at> wrote:
>>         4. task containers functionality
>>                 base features
>>                         virtualized continerfs mounts
>>                                 to support vserver mgmnt of sub-containers
>>                         locking cleanup
>>                         control file API simplification
>>                         control file prefixing with subsystem name
> This last point was actually in the set of patches that I sent to akpm
> today - probably it was too small an item to be worth including in
> this list.
>> Stakeholders:
>>         Eric Biederman
>>                 everything
>>         google
>>                 task containers
> If the checkpoint/restart code is expected to evolve into a workable
> live migration system, we'd be interested in that too.

At least the support for live migration should be there.


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