containers development plans (July 20 version)

Serge E. Hallyn serue at
Mon Jul 23 07:27:45 PDT 2007

Quoting Rohit Seth (rohitseth at
> Thanks Serge for collecting these requirements.  Have we decided on
> container mini summit?

I think we've decided to have one, but someone needs to implement the
details.  Someone (Kirill?) mentioned having a "private" mini-summit for
conference attendees, followed by a call-in conference.  So we would
need a meeting room and time at LCE, followed by a meeting room with a
phone.  I suppose someone's hotel room would work as well...

Personally I'd prefer to have just one mini-summit, with a live call-in
phone number, so noone feels like there's shady back-room goings on.
But on the other hand productivity of the mini-summit could be squashed
by poor phone line quality or phone etiquette...

> Couple of points that I want to add in task
> container functionality section (not sure if these are already covered
> by items below):
> 1- Per container dirty page (write throttling) limit.
> 2- Per container memory reclaim
> 3- network rate limiting (outbound) based on container
> 4- User level APIS to identify the resource limits that is allowed to a
> job, for example, how much physical memory a process can use.  This
> should seamlessly integrated with non-container environment as well (may
> be with ulimit).
> 5- Similary, per container stats, like pages on active list, cpus usage
> etc. could also be very helpful.

Thanks, will add these.


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