[PATCH 06/14] sysfs: Rewrite sysfs_get_dentry

Tejun Heo teheo at suse.de
Tue Jul 31 04:34:47 PDT 2007

Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>>> +	do {
>>> +		/* Find the first ancestor I have not looked up */
>>> +		cur = sd;
>>> +		while (cur->s_parent != dentry->d_fsdata)
>>>  			cur = cur->s_parent;
>>>  		/* look it up */
>>>  		dput(parent_dentry);
>> Shouldn't this be done after looking up the child?
> Yes and that is what this is.  Delaying it a little longer
> made the conditionals easier to write and verify for correctness.

Right, missed the next line.

>>> +		parent_dentry = dentry;
>>> +		name.name = cur->s_name;
>>> +		name.len = strlen(cur->s_name);
>>> +		dentry = d_hash_and_lookup(parent_dentry, &name);
>>> +		if (dentry)
>>> +			continue;
>>> +		if (!create)
>>> +			goto out;
>> Probably missing dentry = NULL?
> d_hash_and_lookup sets dentry, and we can't get here if (dentry != NULL)


>> One thing I'm worried about is that dentry can now be looked up without
>> holding i_mutex.  In sysfs proper, there's no synchronization problem
>> but I'm not sure whether we're willing to cross that line set by vfs.
>> It might come back and bite our asses hard later.
> It's a reasonable concern.  I'm wondering if there are any precedents
> set by distributed filesystems.  Because in a sense that is what
> we are.

Yeah, that's the weird thing about sysfs.  sysfs interface acts as a
different access point to the filesystem making it virtually distributed.

> As for crossing that line I don't know what to say it makes the
> code a lot cleaner, and if we are merged into the kernel at
> least it will be visible if someone rewrites the vfs.
> If sysfs_mutex nested the other way things would be easier,
> and we could grab all of the i_mutexes we wanted.  I wonder if we can
> be annoying in sysfs_lookup and treat that as the lock inversion
> case using mutex_trylock etc.  And have sysfs_mutex be on the
> outside for the rest of the cases?

The problem with treating sysfs_lookup as inversion case is that vfs
layer grabs i_mutex outside of sysfs_lookup.  Releasing i_mutex from
inside sysfs_lookup would be a hacky layering violation.

Then again, the clean up which can come from the new sysfs_looukp_dentry
is very significant.  I'll think about it a bit more.



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