[RFC][PATCH 0/14] Enabling cloning of pid namespace

sukadev at us.ibm.com sukadev at us.ibm.com
Tue Mar 20 20:10:02 PDT 2007

This patchset basically enables cloning of pid namespace.

We have done some unit testing on x86 and x86_64, with these but
at this point we are mostly looking for feedback on the overall

Compared to the previous patchset, as per feedback from Containers
list, we have dropped support for unsharing of pid namespace (which
significantly simplifies the design) and use struct pid_nr in the
pid_hash table.

The patchset includes following patches:

	[RFC][PATCH 01/14] Define/use task_pid_ns() wrapper
	[RFC][PATCH 02/14] Move alloc_pid call to copy_process
	[RFC][PATCH 03/14] use pid_nr in procfs

		These three are some helper patches

	[RFC][PATCH 04/14] Add struct pid_nr and pid_nrs list
	[RFC][PATCH 05/14] Initialize struct pid_nr for swapper.
	[RFC][PATCH 06/14] Populate pid_nrs list with entry for init-pid-ns

		These three patches define and use pid->pid_nrs list which
		represents the multiple pid_t values that a process can have
		(one in each pid namespace) (this pid->pid_nrs list is
		sometimes referred to as just the pid_nrs list)

	[RFC][PATCH 07/14] Remove unused pid_chain from struct pid
	[RFC][PATCH 08/14] Remove unused nr field from struct pid

		Some patches to cleanup unused code.

	[RFC][PATCH 09/14] Save leaders struct pid before detach_pid()
	[RFC][PATCH 10/14] Use pid ns from pid_nrs list
	[RFC][PATCH 11/14] Remove pid ns field from nsproxy

		These three patches replace task->nsproxy->pid_ns and use the
		pid namespace from pid_nrs list.

	[RFC][PATCH 12/14] Remove copy_pid_ns function

		Another cleanup patch.

	[RFC][PATCH 13/14] Define CLONE_NEWPID flag
	[RFC][PATCH 14/14] Enable cloning pid namespace

		These two patches enable the cloning of pid namespace.

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