controlling mmap()'d vs read/write() pages

Nick Piggin nickpiggin at
Wed Mar 28 00:33:37 PDT 2007

Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Nick Piggin <nickpiggin at> writes:

>>It can be done trivially without performing any IO or swap, yes.
> Please give me a rough sketch of how to do so.

Reading sparse files is just one I had in mind. But I'm not very
creative compared to university students doing their assignments.

> Or is this about DOS'ing the system by getting the kernel to allocate
> a large number of data structures (struct file, struct inode, or the like)?

That works too. And I don't believe hand-accounting and limiting
all these things individually as a means to limit RAM usage is sane,
when you have a much more comprehensive and relatively unintrusive
page level scheme.

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