namespaces compatibility list

Cedric Le Goater clg at
Tue Nov 6 08:46:09 PST 2007

Pavel Emelyanov wrote:
> Cedric Le Goater wrote:
>> Pavel Emelyanov wrote:
>>> Cedric Le Goater wrote:
>>>> Pavel Emelyanov wrote:
>>>>> Hi guys!
>>>>> As you might have seen, recently there was some spontaneous 
>>>>> discussion about the namespaces-working-together problems.
>>>>> Ted T'so proposed to create some document that describes what
>>>>> problems user may have when he/she creates some new namespace,
>>>>> but keeps others shared. I like this idea, so here's the draft
>>>>> with the problems I currently have in mind and can describe 
>>>>> somewhat audibly - the "namespaces compatibility list".
>>>> that compatibility list could be encoded in the way we check
>>>> the clone flags in copy_process() and unshare(). It would 
>>>> also be good to have it as a comment somewhere in kernel/fork.c
>>> How can we insure, that a new task will not share the files
>>> with its parent to address the PID namespaces vs VFS namespaces
>>> interaction? There's no way to do it. We can only keep them in
>>> one IPC namespace...
>> ? I'm not sure I understand you.
> As far as I understand, you propose the check for the clone flags
> in the copy_process()/sys_unshare() and return -EINVAL for the cases
> we consider to be unsafe. E.g. when a user wants to clone new pid
> namespace, he must clone the ipc namespace as well.


> But my point is that this check is not enough - user may kill himself
> by cloning a pid namespace and sharing the pids via the filesystem 
> (like with the example with futexes) and there's no way to check for 
> this situation in the copy_process()/sys_unchare.

right. I think we can address Ulrich concerns first because we have 
a solution for it (which looks like unsharing all namespaces at once,
here comes back the container object story :)
> I mean that this list cannot be encoded. But we can warn user, that
> some stuff will stop working if he violates some rules.

and then do that for the futexes, which are a real difficult case.



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