Per-instance devpts

H. Peter Anvin hpa at
Sat Aug 2 08:33:59 PDT 2008

Kyle Moffett wrote:
> Here's my suggestion:
> By default, without any mount options, use the current "legacy"
> behavior.  The devpts filesystem would point to a "global" instance on
> the whole box, controlled by the traditional /dev/ptmx device node.
> There would *NOT* be a /dev/pts/ptmx node.
> If the devpts filesystem is mounted with a special option ("permount"?
> "noglobal"?), then it will create a new devpts instance associated
> with the filesystem.  A devpts mounted that way *WILL* have a magic
> /dev/pts/ptmx node.
> If the kernel is built with CONFIG_DEVPTS_FORCE_PERMOUNT then the
> traditional /dev/ptmx device node will be neutered (IE: always return
> -ENODEV) and the "permount" option will be forced for all devpts
> mounts.  This will also remove the static global devpts instance.

Hm.  This might work if we can get the mount behaviour to work right. 
I'll think about it.  It definitely seems like a reasonable way to get 
from A to B.


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