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Mon Aug 18 12:08:47 PDT 2008

if it is so useful. I guess it might be overkill.

I have designed the io-tracking mechanism of bio-cgroup based on
the memory controller because:

 - I wanted reuse the existing code for the first step as far as I could.
   And I also think it's a good policy to make things generic so other
   functions can use it.

 - bio-cgroup should be used with the cgroup memory controller
   to controll delayed write requests. Without the memory controller,
   a bio-group may eat up lots of pages and turn them dirty.
   I don't want to imagine what would happens if this bio-group is
   assigned a low priority for I/O.
   If bio-cgroup may cause some trouble without the memory controller,
   I think it won't be so useful to design a new io-tracking mechanism.

 - I think this kind of thread application should control its I/O requests
   inside of the application. I guess it seems to quite difficult to
   determine which thread is doing what kind of job in the application.
   We can just leave this issue to these type of applications, can we?
   I guess most of this kind of applications must have been well designed

What do you think if we just leave it as it is and keep the code simple?

Hirokazu Takahashi.

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