[RFC][PATCH 1/3] Move parts of init_dev() into new functions

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Aug 25 17:02:32 PDT 2008

Alan Cox wrote:
>> This seems more than a bit redundant.  The "instance", IMO, *is* the tty 
>> structure; so the interface should be:
> Only for a re-open - which is very different to an initial open,
> and /dev/tty is deep magic in this situation.

I guess I fail to understand something here, perhaps because I haven't 
looked at the code in very much details for several years.  How is there 
not a 1:1 mapping between tty structures and instances, even in the 
presence of /dev/tty?  (/dev/tty, of course, points to a real tty.)

>> Not "index", but "inode".  If, as a courtesy to the generic driver, we 
>> want to precalculate the index number we can do that, but otherwise that 
>> is of course available as:
> Thats a much bigger step and raises problems later on with consoles. We
> might want to end up there - but not in one leap.

*Nod.*  It may mean that for consoles we have to provide transient 
inodes in rootfs.


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