Martin Pelmore, Does a Credit Card for People with Poor Credit Make Sense?

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Martin Pelmore, Does a Credit Card for People with Poor Credit Make Sense?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question may be yes! There are many reasons
why people get into financial difficulty and end up with poor credit. While
credit card debt is one of the two major reasons that people find themselves
deeply in debt, the reason for the debt situation is important.

If you have a serious interest at all in getting control of your financial
situation, an unsecured credit card may be able to help. There are many
guaranteed credit card acceptance and approval offers for people with poor
credit but not necessarily extremely bad credit. When talking about secured
versus unsecured, the issue comes down to wanting a cash deposit before the
account can be opened.

A secured credit card is little more than a debit card tied to your savings
are checking account. The credit limit is usually equal to or just a little
higher than the amount of deposit held as security. This means that you will
not be able to spend the money in the account that is securing the credit

An unsecured credit card is one that isn't tied to a bank account. The
credit limit may be limited, but the credit itself is only secured by the
things purchased in your promise to pay. If you find yourself with poor
credit, gaining even more credit may be necessary to be able to effectively
manage your financial situation.

You probably get more than a few credit card offers in the mail each month.
This is a good source of potential credit because the companies that send
out these mass mailings are looking for business. Some may be willing to
overlook that or bruised credit if only to add yet another credit card
account to their books. Credit requirements differ depending on the company.
Don't assume that because five of the last credit card offers you applied
for were turned down but the next one will be also.

It's critical however that you carefully review the details for each of
these offers. Ideally, you want to find unsecured credit with a grace
period. A grace period means the time the credit card company gives you
between when the credit is used and when interest is charged. You also want
to look for credit offers that did not have an annual fee. These fees are
not as popular and fewer companies are charging them today.

One of the fastest ways to be approved or get an answer to an application is
to apply online. Many credit card offers to come through the mail have the
option to be processed directly from your computer.

Another great idea is to use the resources on the site below to apply for
several credit cards all once.

By gaining additional unsecured credit, you may be able to transfer a higher
interest rate balance to the new lower card. This will free up cash to allow
you to pay down the actual debt much faster. You will need to be very
careful not to fall into the trap of using your new unsecured credit for
general expenses or consumer items. The key to getting out of debt is to
spend less and put that extra money directly into paying down your bills.

 Abigail Franks has researched debt consolidation options and found valuable
information that could help you. On this site find information about bad
credit loans and other personal loan options.
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