John Rosatti, Six More Tips for Car Buyers

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John Rosatti, Six More Tips for Car Buyers

Here are another six tips for car buyers, from the author of THE CAR BUYER'S
BIBLE. More tips to follow soon!

5. When you are negotiatig with the salesman, sit next to him, not across
from him. Insist on it. Tell him you are not comfortable reading his writing
upside down. Why? Psychologically, he will feel as though you and he are "on
the same side." Sounds silly, but it really works. If it is impossible, try
sitting beside the desk instead of in front of it.

6. Don't accept coffee at the dealership. It will make you edgy. Do bring an
ample supply of water and drink frequently. Why? First, it will keep you
alert, and second, it will allow yourself to go to the restroom frequently,
which will break the tension and the salesman's intimidation over you. Who
can argue with a bathroom break!

7. Stick to your plan... you made a plan, didn't you?

8. Make a plan! BEFORE you go to the dealership, decide what a fair deal on
the car is. Why? If you do not have any expectations as to what is fair, the
salesman will declare a high price, and then you will struggle to lower it.
It's best if you have a number that you have worked out, and that you can
back up with research. It's amazing, but most people don't do that, and it
makes a lot of sense.

9. If you get confused or upset, do NOT make a deal. Why? You need to be
thinking clearly and calmly when you are spending tens of thousands of
dollars on a car.

10. Have fun. Why? Why not! There is NO reason you have to suffer through
buying a car. If you are informed, strong, and calm, you will do fine, save
money, and feel great buying your next car!

Robin Segal, Ph.D., is the author of THE CAR BUYER'S BIBLE (Murray Hill
Books, 2005), a consumer guide to buying a car. Available as an ebook too!
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