Lear Financial, ReachForce Insight Marketing Campaign Prediction Software Now Available

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Lear Financial, ReachForce Insight Marketing Campaign Prediction Software
Now Available

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 12, 2007 -- ReachForce Inc. , a worldwide
provider of OnDemand data solutions, announced today the general
availability of ReachForce Insight , the company's new software-as-a-service
(SaaS) solution that analyzes customer win data and sales pipeline flow to
provide a marketing-centric view of market segments that are ripe for demand
generation campaigns. This is the Industry's first technology platform using
"in funnel flow analytics" and "market sector clustering" with proprietary
algorithms to predict market hot spots.

 "ReachForce Insight is one of the few tools both Sales and Marketing can
agree on," said Pam O'Neal, Senior Director of Marketing at NetQoS. "At any
given moment, I can get instant visibility into my best buyers and identify
additional prospects with the same characteristics to precisely target my
campaigns. That means more qualified leads that move through the pipeline
quickly and, of course, more revenue."

 Until now, ReachForce has provided marketers with high quality contact
databases based on a person's role and responsibilities within an
organization, helping to ensure marketing and sales initiatives are
delivered to the right buyers every time. Now, with the introduction of
ReachForce Insight, the company's first SaaS solution, ReachForce  is
providing companies a closed loop solution for demand generation by
identifying the right target markets, based on CRM data, as well as enabling
Marketers to create custom contact databases based on the results.

 "While a lot of effort and investment has been made in tracking the sales
pipeline process, fewer companies have invested in improving visibility of
the sales funnel," said Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President at Nucleus
Research. "ReachForce helps sales and marketing work together to better
understand and refine lead generation efforts."

 ReachForce Insight delivers:

?    Customer Win Analysis by Industry

?    Data on deals that moved through the sales funnel the fastest

?    Revenues and employee sizes for Industry wins

?    "In Funnel" Analysis for marketing campaign adjustments

?    Geographical location of customer wins

?    Market Penetration and available market by segment

 By understanding customer win characteristics and sales funnel flow
analysis, marketing and sales teams are able to better focus outreach
efforts on other companies that fit that similar profile.

 "Since the acceptance of CRM applications, a gap has existed between sales
execution and marketing demand generation; ReachForce Insight is bridging
that gap," said Suaad Sait, ReachForce CEO. "Insight accomplishes these
goals by turning static CRM data into actionable marketing and sales
campaigns based on an organization's current wins and sales pipeline flow
enabling companies to drive more revenue faster."

 ReachForce Insight performs real-time wins and sales pipeline analysis on
CRM data and allows marketers to visualize and gain insights into what
marketing segments have been the most successful and which types of
companies have the shortest sales cycles. By analyzing sales wins and
combining those results with historical data, Insight not only creates a
profile of target market sweet spots, but also provides a count of how many
more companies look just like these. In addition to identifying winning
market segments, Insight provides sales and marketing teams the ability to
analyze "in funnel" activity and enables them to make adjustments to
programs to help move these deals to close faster.

 "ReachForce's latest product is helping sales and marketing teams see
eye-to-eye on the best market segments to target," said Joshua Greenbaum,
Principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting. "By using real-time CRM
data, companies can be sure that marketing lead generation campaigns and
sales execution are aligned to drive revenue."

 When combined with ReachForce data services, Insight enables Marketers to
focus their efforts on the right company and the right contacts, every time.

 "The ReachForce Insight software solution is the next logical step for
ReachForce," said Sait. "Our goal has always been and continues to be
providing marketers with the richest data possible to drive their demand
generation initiatives. Previously, we relied on our customers to create a
company profile and we delivered role-based contacts within those target
companies; with Insight we can take the guesswork out of what market
segments are driving the most revenue."
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