[PATCH 0/4] Devices accessibility control group (v2)

Pavel Emelyanov xemul at openvz.org
Tue Jan 8 01:02:50 PST 2008

The first version was posted long ago 
and since then there are many (good I hope) changes:

* Added the block devices support :) It turned out to
  be a bit simpler than the char one (or I missed
  something significant);
* Now we can enable/disable not just individual devices,
  but the whole major with all its minors (see the TODO
  list beyond as well);
* Added the ability to restrict the read/write permissions
  to devices, not just visible/invisible state.

That is - the main features I wished to implement right
after the v1 was sent. Some minor changes are:

* I merged the devices.char and devices.block files into
  one - devices.permissions;
* As the result of the change above - the strings passed
  to this file has changed. Now they are
         [bc] <major>:{<minor>|*} [r-][w-]
  E.g. b 5:2 r- will grant the read permissions to the
  block 5:2 device and c 3:* -w will grant the write-only
  access to all the character devices with the major 5.

However, there are some things to be done:

* Make the /proc/devices show relevant info depending on
  who is reading it. This seems to be easy to do, since
  I already have the support to dump similar info into the
  devices.permissions file, but I haven't tried to use
  this in /proc/devices yet;
* Add the support for devices ranges. I.e. someone might
  wish to tell smth like b 5:[0-10] r- to this subsystem.
  Currently this is not supported and I'm afraid that if we
  start support minor ranges we'll have smth similar to
  VMA-s or FLOCK-s ranges management in one more place in the
* One more question is - are there any other permissions to
  work with? E.g. in OpenVZ we have a separate bit for 
  quota management, maybe we can invent some more...

Currently I didn't pay much attention to split this set well,
so this will most likely won't work with git-bisect, but I 
think this is OK for now. I will sure split it better when I
send the v3 and further.

The set is prepared against the 2.6.24-rc5-mm1.

All this is minimally tested and seems to work. Hope to hear
you comments, wishes and patches soon :)

To play with it - run a standard procedure:

 # mount -t container none /cont/devs -o devices
 # mkdir /cont/devs/0
 # echo -n $$ > /cont/devs/0/tasks

and tune device permissions.


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