[patch 7/9] unprivileged mounts: allow unprivileged fuse mounts

Miklos Szeredi miklos at szeredi.hu
Wed Jan 9 05:48:53 PST 2008

> I'm not saying fuse is worthless. It is a nice toy for single-user
> systems. But I do not think we should be merging "allow ordinary users
> to mount their own fuse's" before issues above are fixed.

I think multi user systems are not all that interesting.  And I
suspect very few of them want reliably working suspend/hibernate
(which they wouldn't get due to other issues anyway), or have weird
shutdown scripts which stop when they are unable to umount

For paranoid sysadmins, I suggest not enabling fuse for unprivileged
users, which is pretty easy to do: just don't set /dev/fuse to be
world read-writable (which is the default BTW).

So your reasons just don't warrant a big effort involving VFS hacking,
etc.  Patches are of course welcome.


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