Dan Shonka, New Fantasy Football Web Site Combines Power of 20 Magazines

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Dan Shonka, New Fantasy Football Web Site Combines Power of 20 Magazines


Wall, NJ (PRWEB) August 15, 2007 -- A new Web site is ready to revolutionize
the way fantasy football players research for their drafts.

 FantasyMagazineReview.com launched this week, giving fantasy football
players unique tools to prepare for the fantasy football season.

 First, Fantasy Magazine Review took over 25 magazines and reviewed them
based on more than 150 different objective criteria. Then, a unique
algorithm was used to score the magazines.

 FantasyMagazineReview.com also has cheat sheets and expert player rankings
based on all of the magazines. Fantasy football players can make their own
cheat sheets, fully customized to their leagues. Players can also compare
and merge their personal and custom rankings with those of the magazines.

 Since year-to-year accuracy is an important component of fantasy player
rankings, Fantasy Magazine Review reviewed each magazine's player rankings
from the previous year to determine how accurately they predicted

 Readers can also use the magazine search feature to find specific
components of the individual magazines to find the mag that best suits their

 Fantasy players can purchase a one-year subscription for $9.99. Memberships
last until May 31, 2008.

 Fantasy Magazine Review is a sister site of FantasyTrainingCamp.com, which
was released in early July. Fantasy Training Camp is a 10-section course
designed to teach and enhance fantasy football skills to over 15 million
fantasy football players.

 About Fantasy Magazine Review

FantasyMagazineReview.com, by Fantasy Brains, LLC, is a powerful set of data
and tools to help fantasy football players dominate their league. Every
major fantasy football magazine is ranked and reviewed. Custom player
rankings are available for any possible league-scoring format.

 About Fantasy Brains

Fantasy Brains, LLC was founded in 2006 by C.J. DeSantis, a 21-year fantasy
football veteran. Fantasy Brains was designed to provide unique data, tools,
and resources to help fantasy football players win and enjoy the game.

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