[patch 9/9] unprivileged mounts: add "no submounts" flag

Miklos Szeredi miklos at szeredi.hu
Tue Jan 15 02:41:10 PST 2008

> Quoting Miklos Szeredi (miklos at szeredi.hu):
> > From: Miklos Szeredi <mszeredi at suse.cz>
> > 
> > Add a new mount flag "nomnt", which denies submounts for the owner.
> > This would be useful, if we want to support traditional /etc/fstab
> > based user mounts.
> > 
> > In this case mount(8) would still have to be suid-root, to check the
> > mountpoint against the user/users flag in /etc/fstab, but /etc/mtab
> > would no longer be mandatory for storing the actual owner of the
> > mount.
> Ah, I see, so the floppy drive could be mounted as a MNT_NOMNT but
> MNT_USER mount with mnt_owner set.  Makes sense.  I'd ask for a better
> name than 'nomnt', but I can't think of one myself.

Me neither.

Thanks for the review, Serge!


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