Liba Cohn, Which Travel Insurance Should You Purchase?

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Liba Cohn,  Which Travel Insurance Should You Purchase?

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No matter how much effort you have put into planning your vacation and
taking all necessary precautions, you can never predict what will be in
store during the trip. Severe illness, accident, robbery, natural disaster
etc. may happen unexpectedly and spoil the fun of your long awaited
vacation. Above all your hard earned money will all be wasted due to these
unforeseen situations. But comprehensive travel insurance will help you to
deal with these difficult situations abroad without using up a chunk of your

Below are some of the major types of travel insurance available that you can
choose from to fit your needs.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you are not a frequent traveler, this insurance is ideal for you as it
provides coverage for a specific trip.

Annual Travel Insurance or Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you generally take more than one trip per year, the most convenient and
cost effective solution is the annual travel insurance. This insurance will
provide coverage for multiple trips all through the year. While this travel
insurance policy covers unlimited holidays, other policies may cover only a
specific trip length spanning over 21, 30 or 45 days.

Family Travel Insurance

If you are traveling with quite a large group of people including for
example your wife and children as well as your parents, you should opt for
family travel insurance. The greatest advantage of this policy is that it
covers all the members as a whole and you do not have to buy separate
policies for each member. The family travel policies come with different
types of premium. Some policies set their premium amount according to the
number of children in the family or other factors such as whether the family
is a single parent family etc. Then there are other types of family policies
that charge you a premium at a flat rate without taking into consideration
the number of children or other factors. If your family is quite big, you
should opt for the second type of family travel insurance.

Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance is a type of multiple travel insurance based on
the assumption that you travel a number of times all through the year as
part of your job. This insurance is tailored according to the needs of the
typical business traveler. A unique feature of the business travel insurance
includes colleague replacement coverage that allows the company to replace
another employee in your place in case you cannot make the trip due to any

Shop around on the internet to get the best travel insurance quotes, and
purchase a policy that suits your particular needs. But never forget to go
through the terms and conditions in details to know what is covered and what
is excluded by the travel insurance policy.

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