LTP result output for container-init

sukadev at sukadev at
Wed Jan 16 09:31:58 PST 2008

Dave Hansen [haveblue at] wrote:
| On Wed, 2008-01-16 at 20:57 +0530, Rishikesh K. Rajak wrote:
| > These failures are conceding with 2.6.23-mm1 itself. Just wanted to
| > know if someone is working on this still.

I think Rishi is referring to these failures when running LTP in
a child pid namespace. That is a known problem. Its not a regression
but a pending task in pid namespace cleanup.

| > 
| >   fcntl11                        FAIL
| >   fcntl14                        FAIL
| >   fcntl17                        FAIL
| >   fcntl19                        FAIL
| >   fcntl20                        FAIL
| >   fcntl21                        FAIL
| Do you mean that these are happening with 2.6.23-mm1, even without any
| lxc patches?
| Have you reported these to LKML or to Andrew Morton?  If not, please do.
| You can make sure to garner attention by putting something like,
| 	2.6.23-mm1 fcntl regressions
| as the subject.  But, please do make sure they're regressions, and
| pinpoint the versions where they occur.  You should also be prepared to
| do a bisection of the patches in -mm to find it.
| -- Dave

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