[Devel] OLS paper topics

Cedric Le Goater clg at fr.ibm.com
Wed Jan 30 01:53:26 PST 2008

>> == Topic ==
>> Namespaces, containers, cgroups, and container checkpoint/restart.
>> == Description ==
>> Development for namespaces and cgroups is well underway in the
>> mainline kernel. To keep momentum going and keep the loosely
>> knit teams of developers well-coordinated, a physical meeting in
>> which to discuss future development plans is needed.
>> Additionally, we are at a point where crucial decisions about
>> the nature of a "container object" and about the checkpoint/restart
>> design need to be made.
>> A final set of topics will be decided upon through mailing lists
>> ahead of time, but potential topics include:
>> * Handling filesystem/namespace synchronization
>> * Handling of /proc and /sysfs within containers
>> * Additional needed namespaces (i.e. device namespace)
>> * Nature of a 'container' — kernel object or userspace fiction
>> * Additional cgroups and their design
>> * How to initiate and synchronize checkpoint/restart
>> * How to enter a 'container' ?
> Resource Management for containers?

Yes we need that. There are a few possible conflicts in requirements 
that need to be discussed. For example, a resource management req
would be to be able to move a process from one group to another and 
C/R wouldn't. 

>> == Moderators ==
>> {{Out|These are just suggestions, please edit here or let us know if you
>> do or do not want to moderate.}}
>> * Namespaces/containers: Serge Hallyn, Cedric Le Goater
>> * cgroups: Paul Menage
>> * Checkpoint/restart: Dave Hansen, Cedric Le Goater

IMO, 2 is a minimum to get the work done (it will require a minimum of 
organization) but the moderators don't necessarily have to be from the 
same team.

Or, having some one in charge of the logistics would be better ? In that
case, you can remove me from the moderators.

> Resource Management? - I don't mind moderating that if it happens to be
> included in the summit or can we merge it with cgroups?

Good thing.



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