[RFC PATCH 0/5] Resend -v2 - Use procfs to change a syscall behavior

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at xmission.com
Wed Jul 9 17:36:46 PDT 2008

Nadia.Derbey at bull.net writes:

> This patchset is a part of an effort to change some syscalls behavior for
> checkpoint restart.

Thanks for doing this.

Unfortunately this makes a very good case of why we don't want to go down
this route.  Adding magic parameters to syscalls that are only useful
in one very specific restart case.

We need good clean interfaces with well defined semantics.

Something as narrow focused on this is not really useful and it takes
a lot of code to do something very few people will want to actively

> The syntax is:
> # echo "LONG1 XX" > /proc/self/task/<my_tid>/next_syscall_data
>      next object to be created will have an id set to XX

Which his horrible in another way because it is hugely race prone.


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