[RFC] Transactional CGroup task attachment

Li Zefan lizf at cn.fujitsu.com
Thu Jul 10 19:14:33 PDT 2008

Paul Menage wrote:
> This is an initial design for a transactional task attachment
> framework for cgroups. There are probably some potential simplications
> that I've missed, particularly in the area of locking. Comments
> appreciated.

Though not so elegant, it sounds workable in practise.

Support for CGROUP_ATTACH_PROCESS adds complexity and some subsystems
may have to aware of this and write code to support it, but fortunately
it seems only numtasks needs to deal with this. Or we can implement
this new task attachment framework for CGROUP_ATTACH_THREAD mode only,
to see how good it works, and later we add support for

And I'll do testing if this gets implemented. :)

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