Roadmap for features planed for containers where and Some future features ideas.

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at
Mon Jul 21 05:13:27 PDT 2008

"Peter Dolding" <oiaohm at> writes:

>  I would like to see if
> something equal to this is on the roadmap in particular.   Being able
> to run solaris and aix closed source binaries contained would be
> useful.

There have been projects to do this at various times on linux.  Having
a namespace dedicated to a certain kind of application is no big deal.
Someone would need to care enough to test and implement it though.

> Other useful feature is some way to share a single process between PID
> containers as like a container bridge.  For containers used for
> desktop applications not having a single X11 server  interfacing with
> video card is a issue.

X allows network connections, and I think unix domain sockets will work.
The latter I need to check on.

The pid namespace is well defined and no a task will not be able
to change it's pid namespace while running.  That is nasty.

> These container bridges avoid having to go threw network cards and
> other means to share data between containers.  A user space solution.

There are lots of opportunities for user space solutions.

> I know this reduces secuirty but when you need a application form X
> distrobuton and you have Y distribution and its opengl heavy you are
> kinda stuffed at moment.
> Final one is some form of LSM processing different.  Lot of the Linux
> Secuirty channel talk about containers as light weight virtualisation
> so will never need to run a OS inside with a different LSM profile to
> the master OS.   If containers plan to go after brandz like containers
> this needs to be made clear that LSM different processing will be
> required.

We have had that discussion mostly this appears to be a measure of


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