[RFC][PATCH 2/2] CR: handle a single task with private memory maps

KOSAKI Motohiro kosaki.motohiro at jp.fujitsu.com
Tue Jul 29 21:51:49 PDT 2008


> Expand the template sys_checkpoint and sys_restart to be able to dump
> and restore a single task. The task's address space may consist of only
> private, simple vma's - anonymous or file-mapped.
> This big patch adds a mechanism to transfer data between kernel or user
> space to and from the file given by the caller (sys.c), alloc/setup/free
> of the checkpoint/restart context (sys.c), output wrappers and basic
> checkpoint handling (checkpoint.c), memory dump (ckpt_mem.c), input
> wrappers and basic restart handling (restart.c), and finally the memory
> restore (rstr_mem.c).
> Signed-off-by: Oren Laadan <orenl at cs.columbia.edu>

please write a documentation of describe memory dump file format,
and split save and restore to two patches.

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