[PATCH 07/38] netns ct: add ->ct_net -- pointer from conntrack to netns

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Thu Sep 4 09:18:22 PDT 2008

adobriyan at gmail.com wrote:
> Conntrack (struct nf_conn) gets pointer to netns: ->ct_net -- netns in which
> it was created. It comes from netdevice.
> ->ct_net is write-once field.
> Every conntrack in system has ->ct_net initialized, no exceptions.
> ->ct_net doesn't pin netns: conntracks are recycled after timeouts and
> pinning background traffic will prevent netns from even starting shutdown
> sequence.
> Right now every conntrack is created in init_net.

Applied and fixed up another overly long line.

> +		h = init_conntrack(&init_net, &tuple, l3proto, l4proto, skb, dataoff);

This will probably cause clashes later, please don't
do that.

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