[PATCH][RFC] memory.min_usage again

KOSAKI Motohiro kosaki.motohiro at jp.fujitsu.com
Wed Sep 10 01:53:22 PDT 2008


>> here's a patch to implement memory.min_usage,
>> which controls the minimum memory usage for a cgroup.
>> it works similarly to mlock;
>> global memory reclamation doesn't reclaim memory from
>> cgroups whose memory usage is below the value.
>> setting it too high is a dangerous operation.
>> it's against 2.6.24-rc3-mm2 + memory.swappiness patch i posted here yesterday.
>> but it's logically independent from the swappiness patch.
>> todo:
>> - restrict non-root user's operation ragardless of owner of cgroupfs files?
>> - make oom killer aware of this?

This is  really no good patch description.
You should write
 - Why you think it is useful.
 - Who need it.

A reviewer oftern want check to match coder's intention and actual code.

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