ptem01 LTP failure in ttydev-0909

sukadev at sukadev at
Thu Sep 18 21:14:08 PDT 2008

Alan Cox [alan at] wrote:
| > The test changes the window size using the slave-fd and expects that
| > it won't affect the window-size on master-fd. With this change, we
| > return the slave's window size and test fails.
| I've no idea why anyone would have thought the existing behaviour was
| correct. The pty/tty pair code tries to share the size and other
| information at all times and the old test was I think verifying a bug
| existed.
| Unless anyone can cite anything to show otherwise anyway ?


We are referring to the last window size check in test2() of
testcases/kernel/pty/ptem01.c. This check will cause the test
to fail when some of the planned ttydev changes are merged.

Would you happen to know if the check is really required or if
it should be dropped ?


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