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Ra del Carmen, "but it occasionally ranged up to 6000 feet in openings
in the pine-oak belt." Burleigh and Lowery (1942:189) remarked that this
dove was fairly plentiful in the open desert country "about Saltillo,
and was ... noted in small numbers in Diamante Valley on April 17 and
19;" they also said that the Mourning Dove was not seen above an
elevation of about 7500 feet. Sutton and Burleigh (1939a:29) observed
Mourning Doves along the highway across southern Coahuila. Mourning
Doves were seen by Findley 2 mi. W Jimenez, 850 feet, on June 19, 1952,
and 2 mi. S and 11 mi. E Nava, 810 feet, on June 15, 1952. Dickerman saw
one in the Sierra del Pino on May 12, 1954. Findley saw more than one 2
mi. S and 3 mi. E San Juan de Sabinas on June 22, 1952, as did Dickerman
at San Marcos (=20 mi. S Cuatro Cienegas) on May 4, 1954.
**_Columbigallina passerina_ (Linnaeus).--The Ground Dove seems to be
uncommon in Coahuila. Van Tyne and Sutton (1937:34) saw a single Ground
Dove fly across the Rio Grande into Coahuila at Lajitas, Texas, on May
10. F
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