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And smoking and telling a story. And if he does address his neighbour a
little as if she were a meeting at a bye-election, open air, he at any
rate never addresses her as if she were a duty and no one had ever
wanted to kiss her. To Delancey all women have had lovers and husbands
and children and religious conversions and railway accidents. Old maids
and clergymen's wives adore him. I don't know what it was that made him
write originally. Perhaps it was his name--Delancey Woburn sounds like
the author--or the hero--of a serial. Or it may have been that his
exuberant desire for self-expression had burst through the four walls of
practical professions. He had, I believe, considered the stage and the
church. Journalism would have seemed to me the obvious outlet but he
preferred literature. "Creation is such _fun_," he would explain,
beaming. And, of course, he was tremendously successful. Delancey was
designed on a pattern of success. That was one of the obvious defects I
was talking about. Delancey has missed his 
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