[PATCH 2/3] c/r: add checkpoint/restore methods to struct proto_ops

Dan Smith danms at us.ibm.com
Mon Aug 17 14:21:49 PDT 2009

OL> I figured that if we called a sock_create() for a type that isn't
OL> supported by checkpoint/restart, we will catch it down the code by
OL> testing sock->ops->restore. That way, I don't need to "teach"
OL> sock_file_restore() about socket types and protocols.

Okay, yeah I suppose so.  In that case, why even have the check?
certainly sock_create() checks that somewhere down the line, right?

OL> Do you see any reason why it should work ?  The only difference
OL> (for afunix) between dgram and seqpacket is the requirement that
OL> the socket be connected - see unix_seqpacket_sendmsg().

Not for AF_UNIX, no.  I just said I hadn't tested it :)

Dan Smith
IBM Linux Technology Center
email: danms at us.ibm.com

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