trying now to do right, and repair our

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 shame that made him do so mad an action as to enlist in a wicked war."
Mr. Pratt now read this letter to his son. George covered his face to
hide his shame and sorrow; his heart was ready to break with agony. He
groaned aloud. He spoke not one word. George was suffering in silence
the bitterest of all pains which a good mind can endure,--that of being
the cause of misery to others, through one's own wrong-doing. After a
few moments, he started up and exclaimed, "I must send word to the poor
fellow that the money is found and his innocence proved; let me do what
I can to repair the evil I have caused. If I write to the postmaster and
tell him the story, he will take the poor fellow back again. I have some
money of my own, Father, to pay for the travelling expenses of the boy
and his mother. All perhaps may yet be right. I can work. I will do any
thing for them. Poor Harry Brown--so proud and so honest! O, Father! I
hate myself. But how shall I send him word? the post is not certain; let
me think. Bill Smith said he was going to the war, if he could get money
enough for his journey. He would take my letter. I'll be after him, and
get him off in no time." Away flew George; he gave Bill Smith the money,
told him the story, and sent him off for that very night, George then
wrote to the postmaster, and implored him to write immediately to Harry,
and offer him again the place in the office. George went to bed with a
heavy heart, still with the hope that poor Harry had not been killed.
Now let us follow Harry and his old mother to Mexico. Many weeks have
passed since we left George mourning his fault, and sending up prayers
for the life of poor Harry. It is a few days after a battle. On the
ground, in the corner of a small tent, lies a poor soldier. Bandages
stained with blood are lying about. The poor sufferer is very pale, and
his face shows marks of pain. An old woman, whose face is full of
anxious love, sits by his side and holds his hand. The young man lifts
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