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Be afraid. Red-Eye or any of our strong men would have been more than a
match for him. He was old, too, wizened with age, and the hair on his
face was gray. Also, he limped badly with one leg. There was no doubt at
all that we could out-run him and out-climb him. He could never catch
us, that was certain. But he carried something in his hand that I had
never seen before. It was a bow and arrow. But at that time a bow and
arrow had no meaning for me. How was I to know that death lurked in that
bent piece of wood? But Lop-Ear knew. He had evidently seen the Fire
People before and knew something of their ways. The Fire-Man peered up
at him and circled around the tree. And around the main trunk above the
fork Lop-Ear circled too, keeping always the trunk between himself and
the Fire-Man. The latter abruptly reversed his circling. Lop-Ear, caught
unawares, also hastily reversed, but did not win the protection of the
trunk until after the Fire-Man had twanged the bow. I saw the arrow leap
up, miss Lop-Ear, glance against a limb, and fall back to the ground. I
danced up and down on my lofty perch with delight. It was a game! The
Fire-Man was throwing things at Lop-Ear as we sometimes threw things at
one another. The game continued a little longer, but Lop-Ear did not
expose himself a second time. Then the Fire-Man gave it up. I leaned far
out over my horizontal limb and chattered do
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