[PATCH 1/8] Revert commit 8827c288feb7810185aa7c2e37537202fc709869

Li Zefan lizf at cn.fujitsu.com
Wed Aug 19 19:34:23 PDT 2009

Paul Menage wrote:
> Revert commit 8827c288feb7810185aa7c2e37537202fc709869
> This is in preparation for some clashing cgroups changes that subsume
> the original commit's functionaliy.
> Signed-off-by: Paul Menage <menage at google.com>
> --
> The original commit fixed a pid namespace bug which Ben Blum fixed
> independently (in the same way, but with different code) as part of a
> series of patches. I played around with trying to reconcile Ben's
> patch series with Li's patch, but concluded that it was simpler to
> just revert Li's, given that Ben's patch series contained essentially
> the same fix.

It's sure that reverting this commit makes things easier, but
rebasing this patchset shouldn't be hard. And this doesn't
sound a good reason to revert an innocent commit.

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