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 little talk with your mother myself. She's a dashed fine-looking woman,
your mother--a dashed fine-looking woman! Be patient with her, boy."
Poor Dad! Blakely and I were resolved that he should never have that
little talk he spoke of with so much confidence. Ideals are awfully in
the way sometimes, but nobody with a speck of decency can bear to stand
by and see them destroyed. Dad's deals had to be preserved at any price.
Chapter Eight And so another two weeks passed. Then, one day, a comet of
amazing brilliancy shot suddenly into our social orbit, and things
happened. That this interesting stellar phenomenon was a Russian grand
duke, a nephew of the Czar, but added to the piquancy of the situation.
The hotel was all in a flutter; the manager was beside himself with joy;
bell-boys danced jig steps in the corridors; chambermaids went about
with a distracted air--and all because the grand duke, Alexander
Melovich, was to arrive on the morrow. It was an epoch-making event. It
was better than a circus, for it was free. Copies of the Almanach de
Gotha appeared, as if by magic. Everybody was interested. Everybody was
charmed, until-- The rumor flew rapidly along the verandas. It was
denied by the head waiter, it was confirmed by the chief clerk; it was
referred to the manager himself and again confirmed. Alas, it was true!
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