You? Now a good map--" "Is it peradventure that manner

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 surety, no; and wherefore should I? Have I not a tongue, and cannot I
say all that myself?" "But _your_ saying it, you know, and somebody
else's saying it, is different." "Different? How might that be? I fear
me I do not understand." "Don't _understand_? Land of--why, you see--you
see--why, great Scott, can't you understand a little thing like that?
Can't you understand the difference between your--_why_ do you look so
innocent and idiotic!" "I? In truth I know not, but an it were the will
of God." "Yes, yes, I reckon that's about the size of it. Don't mind my
seeming excited; I'm not. Let us change the subject. Now as to this
castle, with forty-five princesses in it, and three ogres at the head of
it, tell me--where is this harem?" "Harem?" "The _castle_, you
understand; where is the castle?" "Oh, as to that, it is great, and
strong, and well beseen, and lieth in a far country. Yes, it is many
leagues." "_How_ many?" "Ah, fair sir, it were woundily hard to tell,
they are so many, and do so lap the one upon the other, and being made
all in the same image and tincted with the same color, one may not know
the one league from its fellow, nor how to count them except they be
taken apart, and ye wit well it were God's work to do that, being not
within man's capacity; for ye will note--" "Hold on, hold on, never mind
about the distance; _whereabouts_ does the castle lie? What's the
direction fr
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