[Devel] Re: [lxc-devel] Memory Resources

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Sun Aug 23 23:17:06 PDT 2009

> > how about memsw_limit for swap? :>
> > I am looking for swap usage statistics from cgroup right now from
> > memcontrol.c :) but as you did the idea is good and should be add to
> the
> > kernel and lxc-tools :)
> >
> Hmm, why meminfo is necessary ? For cheating top/free/... etc ?

Many servers use that info to control the use of resources. For example, they do not span any more server processes if memory is low.

If you do not have that info correct, all those programs fails (they try to allocate much more resources than available).

- Dietmar

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